Stress Relief in Just a Few Minutes a Day!

Our stress-relieving audio meditation tracks use cutting-edge brain entrainment technology to help your mind relax day or night. Enhance your mood, reduce stress, increase your focus, and even sleep better ... in just a few minutes each day! 


Relieve Stress

Our Zen Alpha meditation tracks are 25 minutes long and designed help your brain reach a prime relaxation state to alleviate stress and relax your body and mind.

Listen to these tracks while relaxing in a comfortable and quiet location, and enjoy the sounds of nature or a relaxing music track as your brain delves deep into the alpha brainwave state.

Individual Price: $8.99 each

click here to listen to a sample alpha wave track

Increase Focus

Our Waking Beta audio tracks are 30 minutes long and are carefully crafted to reduce stress while increasing your focus and creativity.

Listen to these tracks while working, exercising, or even driving! Enjoy the sounds of a forest or upbeat guitar tracks as your brain reaches an ideal beta brainwave state.

Individual Price: $8.99 each

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Sleep Better

Our Sleepytime Delta meditations are 45 minutes long and assist your brain in reaching a deep, relaxing, sleep state.

Listen to a thunderstorm or a deep, relaxing music track as your brain reaches a restful sleep with delta brainwaves.

Individual Price: $8.99 each

click here to listen to a sample delta wave track

Get Instant Access to All Six mp3 Audio Tracks for the PACKAGE DISCOUNT of only $24.97

Our Stress Relief Package includes six audio tracks: two that induce a relaxing alpha brainwave state, two that induce a creative beta brainwave state, and two that induce a restful sleep with delta waves. All of our tracks are carefully designed using brain entrainment technology to reduce stress, enhance your mood, increase focus and creativity, and help you sleep better, all in just a few minutes a day!

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(Or ... scroll down to learn how we can build you a CUSTOM meditation track to suit your specific goals!)

Want a Custom-Designed Meditation Track?

We stand by the meditation mp3's included in our Stress Relief Package ... in fact we use them ourselves! But there's nothing like having your very own, custom-built meditation mp3 to suit your specific needs.

Whether you're looking to increase focus, overcome writer's block, work on your financial or abundance issues, get closer connection with your romantic partner, or find a deep meditative state, we can design and built a custom meditation track to help you with your goals.

Click here to learn more about our custom-designed meditation tracks

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