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Personal Empowerment Services was founded by Ian Foster, J.D., and Heather Foster, M.A., M.F.T.  In a nutshell, Ian and Heather are passionate about serving people and communities, and they have dedicated themselves to helping you live your dream life!

Together, Ian and Heather have 40 years' experience in the coaching, therapy, and legal professions. They have trained with nationally recognized coaching experts including Bill Barron, John Assaraf, Carl Harvey and Ted McGrath. Thus, whether your goals involve business, self improvement, relationships (or all of the above!), Ian and Heather's experience and training have made them uniquely equipped to help you achieve whatever you set your mind on!

Ian and heather endured years of struggle and heartbreak that involved learning many personal and business lessons the hard way. But then they met ... and it truly was a match made in heaven! Heather and Ian quickly fell in love and joined forces in marriage and business. They succeed by choosing each other everyday with love and kindness, and focusing on personal growth and public service. Their overarching desire as a team is to help empower their clients to live fully and achieve their dreams as well!


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