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Build a bridge that overcomes the main legal hurdles to maintaining a safe and lasting business as a coach, healer, or other heart-centered entrepreneur.

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PLUS, we have included updated content on legal issues that are implicated by the current worldwide pandemic.


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State Law Limitations

Very few training programs will discuss this inconvenient but crucial truth: state laws place important limitations on what activities coaches and healers are allowed to perform.

Our free primer on Legal Essentials discusses the basics and shows you how to stay compliant and avoid unnecessary trouble with the government.

Drafting Contracts

A poorly written contract is one of the most dangerous things in any coaching or healing business. Sadly, few training programs discuss what a good contract looks like.

Our free primer on Legal Essentials gives you a checklist to make sure your contract includes all the necessary provisions to protect yourself and your clients.

Policies & Disclaimers

Whatever your niche as a coach or healer, you need well drafted polices, procedures, and disclaimers that are applicable to all your clients.

Our free primer on Legal Essentials goes through the fundamental points you need to included on your policies, procedures, and disclaimers, so you can draft those documents with confidence.

The quick & easy way to learn about essential legal issues that affect your heart-centered business ... for free!

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Ian Foster, J.D., is a licensed attorney and a life coach with a passion for service. He is pioneering the legal specialty of helping coaches, healers, and other heart-centered entrepreneurs with legal challenges particular to their industry.
Ian's goal is to help you gain confidence and peace of mind that your businesses can survive potential legal challenges. You should be able to relax and use your gifts and talents to serve your clients and the world, and Ian wants to help you do just that!


Nothing on this page constitutes, or is intended to be, legal services or advice. The contents of Legal Essentials for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs likewise do not constitute legal services or advice. This page and Legal Essentials document are educational in nature only. If you require legal services, please contact a licensed attorney or ask us for a potential free referral.



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