The cost-effective way to get a quality contract that's easy to understand and use ...

Get on solid legal ground with this one-of-a-kind workshop to create a client contract in your own words!



Join us for a full day* of instruction and workshopping conducted live on Zoom. Get real-time legal instruction, small-group feedback from your peers, plus time to actually write real contract language that you can use in your business!

* The workshop is planned for Saturday, October 14, 2023, beginning 9am pacific time. If we have to change the date, we'll give you advanced notice. You'll also also get access to recordings of the complete workshop.


I don't know what legal terms to include in my contract or consent form -- The workshop will have live instruction time on the important legal terms you need in a good contract. We'll explain in plain English what terms you should include and what they mean. Come learn these issues and ask plenty of questions so there's no guessing on your part.

I wish I could get cost-effective help from a real practicing attorney -- Ian Foster is an attorney with 20+ years' experience who regularly teaches contract writing. He'll run a workshop that gives real-time, constructive, and compassionate feedback on the language you put together, and he goes out of his way to answer everyone's questions. Best of all, this workshop is priced to be accessible to everyone so you can get legal help without breaking the bank.

How do I know if I'm writing something that actually makes sense to my clients? -- This workshop us conducted in a group format where we can show each other our work and give each other loving and supportive feedback. This is a no judgement zone where the goal is to help your peers create something that's understandable and useful.


I'm afraid I won't understand everything and will have so many questions! -- Don't worry! It's okay if the explanations don't click right away! That's why we'll leave plenty of time in each segment for Q&A and our instructor is patient with everyone's questions. In fact, your questions add value to the workshop for everyone else! So don't be afraid to ask!



I'm Ian Foster, attorney specializing in coaches, healers, and transformational leaders. I believe every business owner is entitled to quality legal assistance. I think you deserve to have good contracts, terms, and consent forms that protect your business and your clients ... without breaking your budget!

My solution to this problem is a unique one-day workshop where you can actually write your own contract language under my guidance and get real-time feedback from your peers.


Read these FAQ's or scroll down to enroll!

No! This workshop will be useful if you live in any English-speaking country!

That's great! That means you have a head start! 

Keep in mind that being a good writer is not the same as understanding how to write a legally binding document -- though being a good writer is helpful! 

That's good! Bring it to the workshop!

Our contracts can always use improvement and updating, no matter how good they are. If we want to make sure our contracts are updated and flexible so we can use them for years to come, then this your chance to bring it and improve it with direct feedback from an attorney and at low cost.


You will get supportive and encouraging feedback from your peers in small-group breakout time as well as real-time guidance from me -- a practicing attorney who drafts contracts every day for heart-centered business owners!

The workshop begins at 9am pacific time on Saturday, October 14th. It's the latest installment in my "Second Saturday" workshop series. I expect the workshop to run about six hours total, including workshopping time and break times. It may last a little longer if lots of people show up and there is lots of active participation -- which is always welcome!

Also, it will be recorded in case you can't make it live or can't stay for the whole thing!

We all have lots of priorities competing for our time and money. In fact, that's exactly why I created this workshop ... this is the quick, easy, inexpensive, and reliable way to get an actual legal contract or informed consent you can use in your business.

Contract templates have become increasingly expensive and they aren't customized to your specific needs. But customized contract work with an attorney will cost even more.

So I priced my workshop to SAVE YOU MONEY to get your contract done while giving you experience and knowledge that you can carry forward and use for years.

Regarding time ... look, the truth is that you have to spend time putting together your contract anyway. Whether it's reading template instructions and customizing the template, or whether it's consulting with an attorney, or whether it's just trying to go it on your own ... you're going to spend time making sure you get a good contract. So why not do it in a supporting group environment and with real-time guidance from a practicing attorney while saving money at the same time?


We understand that quality client contracts, terms, and consent forms can be very costly. That's why we created this unique opportunity to help you draft a quality document in your own words under the guidance of an experienced attorney.

Choose your payment option and walk away from the workshop with a real contract, terms, or consent form for less than the cost of one hour of an attorney's time!



Nothing on this page is, or is intended to be, legal services or advice. The content of the Create-Your-Contract Workshop is intended to be educational in nature, and should not be construed as legal services or advice. If you require legal services or advice, please contact a licensed attorney who is knowledgeable about your business.

While we are targeting Saturday, October 14, for the next workshop, there are various factors that might require us to reschedule. We'll give you advanced notice of any date change.


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