Join this one-stop Business Formation Workshop to:

  • Learn your options to protect your business by forming a business entity!

  • Make the best use of your business entity and avoid common mistakes!

  • Deal efficiently with multiple business entities or lines of business!

  • Learn what's true and what's not around the Corporate Transparency Act that takes effect in 2024!

  • Get TEMPLATES & CHECKLISTS to make running your business simple!



Join us for a full day* workshop conducted live on Zoom. Get real-time instruction on what business entities are, how they work, what choices you have, and how to make the best use of them! This is your one-stop-workshop to learn how to form and use a business properly, complete with templates and checklists to make it easy! We'll even go over specific examples and take "love seat" questions!

* The workshop is planned for Saturday, December 9, 2023, beginning 9am pacific time and may run as long as six hours (with breaks). If we have to change the date, we'll give you advanced notice. You'll also also get access to recordings of the complete workshop.


Discover how different business entities work so you can form the right one for you -- We'll explore the differences between corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, including what liability protection you get and what tax choices you can make. That way you can choose the best format and structure for your circumstances!

Make the best use of your business entity -- We'll learn how to form a business entity properly ... and just as important, how make the best use of it! Discover the most common mistakes people make and how to avoid them, so that your business entity protects you, your business, and your ability to keep serving clients!

Over $1,000 in FREE BONUSES: you'll get templates for tracking profits and losses, along with contributions and distributions. You'll also get checklists to help you set up a LLC and a simple, fill-in-the-blank template to write its Operating Agreement!

Compliance with the Corporate Transparency Act which takes effect 1/1/2024! -- Starting January 1, 2024, certain domestic and foreign business entities must file transparency disclosures with the U.S. government. We'll dispel some myths, get over the fear of disclosure, and talk about whether you need to file a disclosure and how you can do so!

I wish I could get cost-effective help from a real life business and tax attorney -- Ian Foster is an attorney who spent 18 years in government tax administration and now regularly teaches business and taxes for entrepreneurs. He'll give real-time instruction on a range of issues from how to form a business the right way to how your multiple businesses interact legally. This one-stop-workshop is where you can learn everything you need to form and use a business entity ... and best of all, you can join without breaking the bank!

I'm afraid I won't understand everything and will have so many questions! -- Don't worry! It's okay if the explanations don't click right away! That's why we'll leave plenty of time in each segment for Q&A and our instructor is patient with everyone's questions. In fact, your questions add value to the workshop for everyone else! So don't be afraid to ask!



I'm Ian Foster, attorney specializing in coaches, healers, and transformational leaders. I believe every business owner is entitled to quality tax assistance. I think you deserve to understand how the tax laws work and apply to you, so you aren't at the mercy of tax avisors.

My solution to this problem is a unique one-day workshop where you can actually see specific examples that will help you report the correct income and deduct all the expenses to which you're entitled!


Read these FAQ's or Scroll Down to Enroll!

Most of my courses and workshops are useful for people living all over the world. However, this specific workshop is mostly useful for people who form businesses and and file taxes in the United States.

This workshop is most useful for small business owners, particularly those in personal services such as clinicians, coaches, and healers.

Yes, in fact that's one of our main goals. Each type of business entity works differently, and some have different choices you can make for tax purposes. We'll help you make the right choice for you!

Yes. We'll talk about how to form and use a business entity the right way from the start.

You bet! You'll get sample spreadsheets for tracking your business income and expenses, as well as your contributions and distributions from your business. You'll also get checklists to help you start a LLC and a simple, fill-in-the-blank template to write its operating agreement!

If you already have an accountant you like and trust who helps you make business choices, that's great! This workshop will actually make you a better client for them!

Your accountant can only do so much. They work with the information you give them and make the best of the decisions you've been making all year long. Ask any tax attorney or tax accountant and they'll tell you it's much easier to help a client who understands business taxes well than a client who doesn't know what they're doing.


There are plenty of misunderstandings about running and "real" business and doing it "the right way" from a legal perspective. I see how misunderstandings and anxiety stop small business owners just like you from earning more income and making a bigger difference in the world.

Choose your payment option and join us for a one-day workshop on Saturday, December 10. It's time to gain a newfound confidence that you CAN form and use a proper business entity ... so you can finally run your business "the right way"!



Nothing on this page is, or is intended to be, legal services or advice. The content of the Business Formation Workshop is intended to be educational in nature, and should not be construed as legal services or advice. If you require legal services or advice, please contact a licensed attorney who is knowledgeable about your business.

While we are targeting Saturday, April 9, for the next workshop, there are various factors that might require us to reschedule. We'll give you advanced notice of any date change.


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